Patrick Harrex

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Welcome to the web site of composer Patrick Harrex

Forthcoming Performances and other news

Sonata for female voice, flute and percussion (click on the title to listen) has now been released on the New Music Brighton album: ... because it's spring. The performers are Debbie Bridge, soprano, Anne Hodgson, flute, and Adam Bushell, percussion. It is available for download at where the CD may also be ordered.

Recently completed works are Passages X for solo cello, Passages X +, a version of the solo cello piece with the addition of an esemble (flexibly scored), and ...a l'armonia si intento ... for six cellos. ...a l'armonia si intento ... will be among works to be included in workshops and a concert during Chichester University's Cello Weekend (26/ 27 April).