Patrick Harrex

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Welcome to the web site of composer Patrick Harrex

Patrick Harrex is an award winning composer whose works have been given live and broadcast performances in many countries around the world. His music has been recorded by Argo, CBC (Canada), Editions LGNM (Luxembourg) and New Music Brighton.  His works range from solo pieces to larger ensemble and choral works and he writes for both amateur and professional performers.

"Patrick Harrex [has] the ability to take delight in sounds for their own sake." - William Littler, Toronto Daily Star

Forthcoming Performances and other news

Forthcoming performances include a new work for The Riot Ensemble (90 seconds) on 29 October (St Nicholas' Church, Brighton) and piano, violin & cello which will be performed by the Ireland Trio on 13 January 2017 at St Luke's Church, Queen's Park, Brighton.

Recently completed works include untitled 2016.1 (two versions: for 5 flutes and for string quintet), untitled 2016.2 for piano, untitled 2016.3 for piano and small orchestra, three conjugations for flexible ensemble, un nœud des serpents, for one or more pianos and mixed ensemble and The sexual politics of CoMA, for any number of players, as well as a version of ... a l'armonia si intento ... for six violas.

A selection of works can now be listened to on soundcloud.